We offer market valuations of healthcare business that are objective, independent and professional.  Our approach is based on a transactionally-driven estimate of the realizable net selling price in an open-market sales process.  Our valuations are empirical determinations of what price the business and assets could sell for in an open-market transaction, and includes a matrix of information such as:

  • Its actual financial and operating history and performance,
  • Its intrinsic condition and value of the assets,
  • Competition,
  • Prevailing health care and financial market conditions,
  • Regulatory constraints and requirements, and
  • Current industry valuation benchmarks and “rules of thumb”

In reaching a proper valuation, we rely on the business financial results, facility characteristics, market conditions and future upside opportunities.  In an actual sale, valuation is not a precise science, but often a starting point for negotiation of price between buyers and sellers.

Our reports are used for internal purposes to establish a selling price, or to evaluate a healthcare facility strengths and weaknesses and potential strategic repositioning.

What is my business worth?

Your business could be worth far more – or less – than you think.

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