Our Sell Side engagement starts with creating a strategic partnership with the Seller/Owner of the company that will allow for a clear understanding of the goals and expectations.  The process includes review of documents that will be needed, preparation of a confidential Opportunity Profile, to win-win negotiation, and ultimately closing the transaction.  A process that is designed to generate a fair market value transaction with a win-win result for all parties.

  • Solidifying Sell Side Parameters

This is probably the most important step in the Sell Side process.  Where the seller goals and objectives, timeline, are clearly defined.  And where we provide the seller with feedback on the market and what it will bear, with expectations clearly defined.  The end result is a team aligned around a single objective, that of achieving the seller’s goals.

  • A Profile That Promotes

The confidential Opportunity Profile is the primary document we use to develop buyer’s interest in the company.  Although the profile includes detailed financial information, more importantly, the profile focuses on promoting the intangible elements of the company such as market reputation, management strength, information systems, quality initiatives, and many more items that substantiate the value of the opportunity.

  • Pricing Strategy

We use the valuation of a company as the starting point in developing a pricing strategy that positions the company to maximize the pool of buyers.  There is a big difference between the value of a business and the price it can ultimately sell for, capitalizing on this difference is what drives the highest price the market will bear.

  • Win-Win Negotiation

We consider every contact between the seller and buyer, from initial presentation to closing, as an opportunity to advance our strategy toward a win-win negotiated deal.  Rarely will a successful negotiated deal be attributable to a single event, usually it’s a combination of events that usually lead to a great deal.  The look and content of presentations, profile, timing of communications, the tenor of dialog, to the response to objections.  All are contributing factors to a successful win-win negotiation. 

  • The Details of the Deal

The difference between a good deal and a great one often comes down to details in the many elements of an agreement – deal structure, escrow, non-compete, representations and warranties, indemnification, guarantees, employment agreement.  Accordingly, we pay close attention to all aspects of the deal, from letter of intent, to due diligence, to the purchase agreement, and ultimately the closing.

The Sell Side

Starts with understanding the value of your business – financials, service lines, reimbursement, demographics, governmental regulations, management team, IT, etc.

  Presenting the company in its very best light.

And finding the opportunities that deliver Seller expectations.

This is what we do… everyday!

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