Our Buy Side engagement typically involves representing companies looking to grow via acquisitions, enter a new market.  Key to success is clearly identifying acquisition criteria, this includes not only the service lines of interest to acquire, the geographic area, but also valuation multiple and deal terms and conditions.  We then systematically work to source all appropriate candidates.  The Buy Side process is usually highly customized and generally involves the following steps.

  • Solidifying Buy Side Parameters

In quick order to become immersed in our client’s acquisition thinking and provide our perspective on the market.  We are mindful of synergies and other target attributes such as: growth potential, profit margins, entry barriers, service line breadth, organizational strength, markets and competition, cultural fit, and integration issues.

  • Initial Client Interactions

After the review, we contact companies meeting the acquisition criteria on a confidential basis.  Our first interaction with a target often involves a high elevation discussion to gain insight, gather information, and engender an element of trust, all as a foundation for possible later involvement for our client.

  • Client Engagement

We report all interaction to our client.  If our client wants to learn more about the opportunity, we arrange for conference calls and meetings so the parties can get to know each other.  We assist clients in preparing an Opportunity Profile, obtaining enough information and insight so that it has the basis for deciding whether to propose a deal and provide a letter of intent.  We usually assist in valuation and negotiating deal terms.  We engage in a facilitator role, providing a back channel that allows the seller to express itself off the record allowing us to provide feedback to our client that will yield a win-win negotiation for both parties.

  • Closing Support

We assist in various review functions and due diligence, including assessing market direction, personnel and other key relationships, integration planning and other matters.  We are normally involved in helping anticipate and break logjams during definitive agreement negotiations

The Buy Side

We originate, identify and screen prospective acquisition candidates based on client-defined acquisition criteria and preferences including, target geography, service line, price, revenue, profit margin, operational competencies, company values and reputation.

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