Welcome to Healthcare Mergers & Acquisitions

HealthcareMA is engaged by private companies to sell or divest a business or service line that no longer fits the company strategic plans, or individuals that are looking to exit the market within a short time period – The Sell Side.  We are also engaged by private companies or individuals to conduct market searches of acquisition targets that will allow for company growth via acquisition – The Buy Side.

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[playne_icon icon=”line-chart” circle=”no” circlecolor=”#” color= “#81b3ab” size=”14px”] The Sell Side.

Starts with understanding the value of your business – financials, service lines, reimbursement, demographics, governmental regulations, management team, IT, etc.  Presenting the company in its very best light.  And finding the opportunities that deliver Seller expectations.  This is what we do… everyday!  Read More…


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[playne_icon icon=”area-chart” circle=”no” circlecolor=”#” color= “#81b3ab” size=”14px”] The Buy Side.

We originate, identify and screen prospective acquisition candidates based on client-defined acquisition criteria and preferences including, target geography, service line, price, revenue, profit margin, operational competencies, company values and reputation.  Read More…


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[playne_icon icon=”bar-chart” circle=”no” circlecolor=”#” color= “#81b3ab” size=”14px”] Valuation.

What is my business worth?  Your business could be worth far more – or less – than you think.  Find out the current market value of your business by calling today for a no-obligation consultation.  Read More…